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About our Field Trips

Our field trips are some of the most popular programs we offer as a school. To best serve our students, we have a full time dedicated staff member to host field trips in a variety of locations throughout our service area for a variety of age ranges. Through these activities, students experience hands on learning opportunities in group settings with other students from our school. Field trip fees are paid for using Instructional Funds and spots often fill fast. If you see a field trip below you are interested in, reach out to your Education Specialist.

Procedure for Fingerprinting

Go to Request for Live Scan Service form.

  1. This process is ONLY required on specific Field Trips where chaperones supervise students other than their own.

  2. This process must be completed BEFORE volunteering to chaperone a Field Trip - if you have not yet completed the process, you will not be allowed to sign up.

  3. Fingerprinting does NOT guarantee you will be chosen as a volunteer - it only makes you eligible for consideration.

  4. To begin the process, go to the school website.  Under the “Parents” tab, go to “Parent Forms” - you will find the school-specific Livescan form there.  You must then print this off and bring this to any business or agency that performs Livescan fingerprinting. Most Police Departments will do this, as do some other businesses. To find one in your area, perform a websearch of livescan in your area.  The following is a helpful website:

  5. You will be notified by the Education Liaison at your school once the DOJ sends us clearance (this can take a few days, or up to a month or more.  In most cases, please allow 3-4 weeks whenever possible).  

  6. YOU are responsible for any fees associated with this process.  

  7. You only need to do this one time for the duration of the time you work with your particular IEM charter school. (i.e. if you do it now and then decide to chaperone a field trip in 3 years, you do NOT need to do this again).

  8. Fingerprinting that has been done for another employer, school district, or agency cannot be submitted for field trip clearance because the DOJ does not share ongoing results with additional agencies.  Parents must use the school form with school specific ORI # and provide payment for each set of results to the requesting agency.  

We truly appreciate your cooperation with this new requirement from the state. This makes our activities safe and fun for everyone!

TB Clearance Procedures

TB Clearance is required for any adult acting as a chaperone for a Field Trip that requires an overnight stay and for the chaperone to supervise a group of students that are not their own children (Ed Code 49406.M)

TB Clearance can be obtained by submitting either a TB Risk Assessment form and/or a negative TB test results prior to attending the Field Trip.

REMINDER! Please return both page 1 & 3 of the TB Risk Assessment form complete with signature of the Health care provider.

To return completed TB Risk Assessment form and/or negative TB results you can:

  • Email scanned forms to:
  • Fax to: 530-344-4012

Field Trip Listings

Field Trip School City Grade Level Event Date Cost Notes
Field Trip School City Grade Level Event Date Cost Notes

4535 Missouri Flat Road, Suite 1A  Placerville, CA 95667
Phone 800-979-4436 
Fax 530-295-3583

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