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UPDATE: December 5, 2018

South Sutter Community, Thank you so much for your generosity and support for our two ES's and 29 families who lost their homes in the Butte County Camp Fire. In just a few weeks we raised around $8,000 from our educational community. Innovative Education Management, the non-profit organization that oversees our schools, matched the first $3,000 raised for a total of $11,000 to be distributed to our affected staff and families. In addition, thousands of dollars worth of in-kind donations (from backpacks to car seats to meals to school supplies) were donated to our affected families. While this concludes the fundraising portion of our response, we will continue to provide replacement curriculum, flexibility, and support to ensure our students continue to receive a top-notch personalized education as they begin to rebuild their lives. Thank you once again for all the support you have offered these families!

November 13, 2018

South Sutter Community,

Like many in Northern California, we are heartbroken over the destruction caused by the Camp Fire in Butte County. As of this writing, we have confirmed that 2 of our Education Specialists (ESs) and 14 families have had their homes destroyed. We have another 23 families that live in and around the area of the fire who have not yet been able to confirm if their house is still standing.This is a life changing event for these families and our thoughts are with them during their long road to rebuilding.

As a school we are coordinating with our curriculum library to get families that have lost school owned items, replacement curriculum without cost to their Instructional Funding. We are also providing flexibility and support to help them with their educational needs during this time.

Many in our South Sutter community have asked how they can help. I am moved by the quick action of many of our families and employees that live near Butte County who have driven up to work at distribution centers, provided food service, opened their homes to first responders and displaced people, and volunteer at shelters.

Because of the spread out nature of our school, not all of us are able to help in such a way, however, each of us can give to support our community that is facing a heavy loss. We’ve compiled three steps you can take if you’d like to help.

1. Purchase a gift card to Walmart, Target, Winco, Safeway, or Trader Joe’s and send it by November 30th to:

Innovative Education Management - Camp Fire
4535 Missouri Flat Rd #1A
Placerville, CA 95667

These are local retailers that victims can easily access to help with their immediate needs. We will collect all gift cards and then disperse them to our affected families via their ES. We have chosen this option as opposed to setting up a Go Fund Me because this way 100% of your donation goes to the families rather than to service fees. Donations of physical goods (i.e. clothing, houseware etc.) is not needed at this time

2. Donate online to the North Valley Community Foundation at This Chico based charity knows the community and is mobilized to help fire victims over the short term and long term. Donations here will go to all victims, not just South Sutter families.

3. If you have Instructional Funds you will not use this year, we have set up a special “Transfer of Funds” program. Let your ES know the amount of Instructional Funding you’d like to transfer to the fire victims. Transferred IF will be divided amongst the families that have lost their curriculum so that they can spend it on approved school items.

Thank you for coming together as a community and for your concern of others who, like you, only want the best for their children which is why they chose a personalized learning approach through South Sutter Charter School. May we all be thankful for the gift of life and family, and may we keep the Camp Fire victims in our thoughts during this time.

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