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Paige F.


Paige F.
Paige F.

Paige F.

Paige is in 11th grade this year. She also suffers from the same disease as her sister Kylie, Tuberous Sclerosis. Paige has tumors on her kidneys, her heart, and in her brain. Because of these, she suffers from extreme anxiety.
Homeschooling has been a gift for her as well. She has days of severe anxiety. Art is her "happy place." She is gifted with art and drawing. Her talent is truly beyond description.
She LOVES the American Girl dolls. There is a YouTube person who is very connected to the American Girl doll "world." Her YouTube "channel" that shows the finale is AGNDM Cycle 4. This young lady held a contest over the past several months. Paige said there were about 1,500 entrants. She entered as well. She ended up winning the contest!
The scenes in these pictures are totally hand-made and created by Paige. She used cardboard, paint, etc to design the sets. She would arrange them in their house. She also made the clothes that are on the dolls.
Paige spends a lot of time doing a variety of artwork because it helps her feel calm. She is a person who "has to do art."
Both Paige and Kylie are AMAZING young ladies. Homeschooling has allowed them both to pursue their passion and succeed, in spite of having a rare disease to deal with. They have flexibility, when needed, to handle and deal with disease-related issues/symptoms. Their ES has allowed them to set their course each year, while at the same time giving direction, when needed, as to completing requirements, etc.
South Sutter has been the perfect fit for them and their family.

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