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Lida K.

 Lida Kaphar
 Lida K.

Lida K.

I've been able to accomplish SO much being in SSCS.
As of today, I have most of my GE done for my college degree and I will be ready to transfer to UC Davis from ARC within the year. Alongside taking classes at ARC, I was able to continue practicing both violin and piano and excel in both at a professional level. Within the past 6 months, I took First place with violin in the Crescendo International Competition and played at the Winners' Recital in Carnegie Hall and then successfully completed both phases of the MTAC Certificate of Merit Panel Evaluation and received my MTAC Senior Medallion.
I was able to do all these things with significantly less stress because of the supportive environment from my ES, Shauna Anderson, and my family. I'm excited to be graduating because I know I have the capacity and tools to succeed when I graduate. I'm also looking forward to all the new opportunities that are available to me now after graduation.
To all the students here at SSCS, I encourage you to explore everything you can and find what you love to do. Whether it be fashion design or robotics, try it out for a semester or even a year! Don't be afraid to start new things but also remember to finish them. Talk to anyone you can in the fields you're interested in and listen to what they have to say. Remember, being kind, smiling, and making eye contact with someone when they're talking to you goes a LONG way in building connections. In short, enjoy learning, build connections, and stay curious. 
Lida K.
Senior at SSCS

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