How do you Inspire the Love of Math?…...By tying it to real life


How do you Inspire the Love of Math?

By tying it to real life

Check out these great websites:

Did you know that math and nature are connected?

There are creative and beautiful examples of math all around us. One example of this is the Fibonacci Sequence which is an interesting mathematical idea that highlights this concept found in nature and the world around us.  

Take the “Math in Everyday Life Challenge!”  

Think about how math is used in our everyday lives! Math helps you build things, Math is in the grocery store, Math makes baking fun, Math takes the risk out of travel.

Let’s see how many families want to take the “Math in Everyday Life Challenge!”  

Share a post to your favorite social media with the hashtag #inspiringtheloveofmath or send your pictures to your ES to share throughout the week.  

  1. Build something!
  2. Take a trip to the grocery store (shopping, estimate the total)
  3. Follow a recipe and cook a meal
  4. Take a road trip and plan using a map
  5. Share how you use math in your everyday life. “Think outside the box!”

So, the next time you or one of your students say, "I'm never going to use this math again!" remember the above examples. And keep learning math!

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